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Registration is easy and free. VIP members are allowed access to a special coupons page based on which "Favorite Locations" are selected during registration. It is not unusual to find several 20 percent off store coupons to use while shopping. To sign up visit the VIP webpage. Groups of 15 or more will receive a complimentary VIP Coupon Book filled with hundreds of dollars in coupons for added savings and special offers at participating outlet stores. Looking for phone numbers or more information?

The Balance Everyday uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. The very popular Courtyard by Marriott Anaheim Theme Park Entrance is a quick walk to the parks, has rooms that sleep 6 and a waterpark! Early savings at official Walt Disney World resorts! Can also be booked as a room-only offer. Can also be booked room-only.

Available for most stay dates November 10 through December 24, Also can be booked as a package. This offer is also available to Disney Visa cardholders with a slightly higher discount. Annual Passholder discounts are available at Walt Disney World resorts most dates now through December 24, and January 1 — April 25, Each store has their own coupon policy. So for example; if crackers are on sale buy one get one free, I will get two boxes. I am then able to use two coupons on that purchase. Each item is separate, even though one is free. This maximizes my savings.

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I am also able to use one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon per item. Manufacturers coupons are your typical coupons you would print or find in the paper.

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Store coupons are put out by the retailer themselves. So if I had a store coupon for those same cracker mentioned earlier, I could use two of those as well. Following so far? Now, I mentioned earlier that it was important to buy Sunday papers in increments of two. The aforementioned scenario is why.

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When items are buy one get one free, you will want two coupons. Always go to the store with a list! I like to make mine using an Excel spreadsheet that I created. Before even walking into the store, I know the amount of money that I will be spending. You can of course use a pen and paper to make your list, but I like knowing exactly what I will be spending. If you are interested in my spreadsheet, sign up for my newsletter to get a free copy!

Now that your list is done, it is time to collect your coupons. I like to use a little file folder like this one.

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I put all of the coupons that i plan on using into the folder and keep it in my purse. A lot of people bring their whole binder with them. That is perfectly fine, but I personally find it to be too cumbersome. If I happen to find a great unadvertised deal while I am shopping and I know I have a coupon for it at home, I will make a quick note of it and come back later. There are tons of amazing money saving apps for your smartphone.

Both of these apps will have lists of items that are available for rebates. You purchase your item and when you get home, you scan the bar code and take a picture of the receipt. Once the rebates are confirmed you will receive the money in your account! Once you reach that threshold, you can cash out to your PayPal account or you can keep building it up as long as you want before cashing out. I personally like to let mine build up all year and use it for Christmas money!

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It is important to know the meaning of the language on your coupons. Every coupon has guidelines written on it that you need to understand. Remember I told you to find a local couponing blogger and follow them? Well, you will probably want to know all of the abbreviations that couponers use as well! I have made a list so you will never have to question it! Feel Free to Pin the image to save for later! You have a handle on the basics. Your list is ready and you have your coupons in hand. It is now time to take on your first shopping trip. I always double check that my items match my coups before putting them in my car.

Then I will mark them off of my list and move on to the next item. Simply head over to the customer service desk and request a rain-check see above info-graphic. With a rain check, even if your coupons expire before the item is back in stock, you can still use them as long as they were valid at the time the rain-check was issued.

You have everything in your cart, ready for checkout now, and here comes the part when your heart starts to sink and the nerves creep in. It might sound terrible, but I prefer a younger cashier.